How To Clear Web Browser Cache?

Do you wonder why your techie friend always asks you to clear your browser’s cache? Do you always feel like knowing what it means to clear your cache and how you can do it? If so, take out a few minutes and give this post a read. Whichever browser you use, this post will guide you about deleting its cache in an easy & secure way.

Why Clear Your Browser Cache?

When you visit any website, some of its information is saved on the hard drive of your computer by your web browser. This saved information is known as browser cache. Generally, it increases the speed of web browsing experience since there’s no need to download the static resources repeatedly while browsing a web page.
Let’s understand this with an example. Be it any website, its logo never changes, which is why saving it on browser cache is a wise idea rather than downloading the logo whenever a new page is visited. However, the same stored information may create issues when it comes to browsing. This is the time when clearing the cache matters.

Clearing Cache In Google Chrome

  • Cache removal game starts in this browser by:
  • Clicking at the ‘three dots’ icon situated in top right corner of the browser.
  • Now go on the ‘More Tools’ options to select ‘Clear browsing data’
  • Another way is using ‘CTRL+SHIFT+DEL’ keys together.
  • Upon this, a new tab will open along with a popup window, ‘Clear Browsing Data.’
  • Assure that ‘Cached images and files’ box is checked. Now click ‘Clear browsing data’ button in order to clear the cache.

And it’s done!

Clearing Cache In Mozilla Firefox

Start your cache clearance in this browser by:

  • Clicking the ‘Hamburger’ icon located in the top right.
  • Now select ‘History.’
  • This will be followed by a menu where you have to select ‘Clear Recent History.’
  • Menu can also be accessed by using ‘CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.’
  • A popup will open and in the ‘Time range to clear,’ select ‘Everything.’
  • Check nothing but only the ‘Cache’ box
  • Click ‘Click Now’ to clear the cache.

And it’s done!

Clear Browsing Data
Clear Browsing Data

Clearing Cache In Safari

Safari gives you two ways to get freedom from cache.

If you want to delete complete browsing history, i.e. pages visited as well as cookies:

  • Go to Safari and then go to ‘Clear History.’
  • If you want to remove only the browser cache:
  • Go to ‘Preferences’ followed by ‘Advanced,’
  • Check ‘Show Develop Menu in Menu Bar’ box.
  • Now go to ‘Develop’ then ‘Empty Caches’ and clear the cache.

And it’s done!

Clearing Cache In Internet Explorer

Get in action by:

  • Clicking the ‘Gear’ icon located in the top right.
  • Go to the ‘Tools’ menu.
  • Go to ‘Safety’ and select ‘Delete Browsing History.’

One more way to access the menu is using ‘CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.’

  • A popup will open.
  • Select ‘only’ to select ‘Temporary Internet files and website files’ box.
  • Click ‘Delete’ button and cache is gone.

And it’s done!

Clearing Cache In Opera

Go to the ‘Opera’ icon located in the top left.

  • Find ‘More Tools’ option
  • Select ‘Clear browsing data.’
  • Usually, ‘Obliterate the following items from’: equal to at least ‘the last 4 weeks’ is set.
  • Check ‘cached images and files’ box followed by clicking ‘Clear browsing data’ button.

And it’s done!

Cache Removed!

This was all you ever needed to know about clearing browser cache. What are you waiting for? Open your web browser and remove the cache right away.

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