How to Reset Your Amazon Account Password & Fix Your Kindle

With scores of web accounts, multiple subscriptions and so many online accounts, forgetting login details or passwords is not uncommon. It gets frustrating to lose your password and sometimes using the ‘forgot password’ or ‘password recovery’ tools can be confusing. Suppose you were going to order something on Amazon, and you forget your password. Don’t worry about it at all, as we at Netdoorz are here to guide through your Amazon account recovery process. Here is the step by step solution.

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If you have forgotten your Amazon password, then the first step is to use the Amazon Password Reset option. To use the reset Amazon password option, you must remember and have access to your email address or login mobile number associated with your account number.

Here is a step by step process, easily reset your password using these steps:

  • Open website
  • Click the sign-in button to show the password reset option
  • Input your login email id/phone number
  • Click on the ‘forgot password’ button
  • Verify your Amazon account
  • You will receive a ‘password reset/recovery link’ on your email
  • Your password is successfully changed

How to change your Amazon account password?

Alternatively, you can also change your Amazon account password using the ‘password recovery/reset’ option. On the amazon website, enter your username and password. Under the settings option, choose account settings and click on the change password link, enter your new password and click the ‘submit/save’ button.

Amazon Kindle Problems & Support:

Kindle, an ebook reading device by Amazon also uses the same login details as your Amazon account. If you face trouble accessing your Kindle, or can’t log in, you can follow the above steps to change/recover/reset your password.

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Kindle ebook reader users face several problems like Kindle frozen, not responding to commands or not charging. Mostly these problems can be solved by performing a factory reset or a hard reset on your Kindle device. If you’re unable to carry it out by yourself, don’t panic as we are here to help you 24X7 regarding any problems related to your Kindle ebook reader devices. Our technical experts will solve all these problems mentioned below:

  • Kindle freezing frequently
  • Kindle not responding issues
  • Kindle not charging
  • Kindle repair services
  • Hard reset Kindle Fire
  • Wi-Fi not working on Kindle

If you face any issues in performing the above steps, contact our technical support service to help you guide you and help you access your account. Our experts are available 24/7 to help and assist you in every way possible.

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