McAfee Antivirus: The Secure Way Of Networking Today

“Internet is a place for every brainy technician to spread their magic through codes and intelligence. Evil or pure depends on their intentions.”

 This quote stands true for every World Wide Web user and must be remembered when they put their work on it. It’s seldom that you are not attacked by the malware floating around disguised in many forms. John McAfee, the founder of McAfee Antivirus, made sure that his intelligence was devoted to amplifying the security which led to the invention of the first antivirus that was available for the users in 1982 as shareware.

The army is going strong and today it stands at being the first and most renowned antivirus and security software in the world.

The Extra-Ordinary Features…

Promising castles by antivirus companies are not rare because the money makers are well aware that they can cash on the security fears of people. However, what’s rare is that what is promised is never delivered in full efficiency.

McAfee is surely aloof from all the allegations of technicians and experts because it has delivered what it promised in terms of excellent features to protect the people in various situations.

Have a look at their attributes which makes them different:

  • Complete Anti-Malware Software

The computing world is full of bad guys like Trojans, viruses, spyware, adware, rootkits, etc. which could come from browsing a website, clicking on afflicted links or downloading files. That’s not it; your computer can be harmed by other connected devices like CD drives, USB drives, and external hard disks. To protect your computer from these common sources, you need bodyguards which are all-time active and strong to find and kill the infection.

  • Real-Time Safeguards 

Everyone’s using a dynamic model of the network which means that you are in trouble for 24 hours of your day. Even when you’re using a public internet connection on your device or surfing pointless; there are no exceptions made. McAfee Active Protection enables the user’s system to detect and remove the suspected elements immediately.

Two Way Firewall

  • Two Way Firewall

Don’t be surprised to get this exclusive feature as you use the internet because providing extra layers of detection on incoming and outgoing traffic makes it impossible for the internet spies to go through your personal documents on your device. They are blocked out from making any new connections.

  • Digital Data Shredder

If you think permanently deleting your file from the recycle means that you are good to go and sell it off then you’re absolutely innocent regarding technology’s crooked way of performance. Your files can be retrieved and can go in wrong hands. All you need is a digital shredder which works exactly like a physical paper shredder with only one difference which is, it tears down your essential and sensitive files into tiny bits of data that can’t be matched or restored by best of minds.

  • Pre-Install Scan

People usually call on McAfee support when their system starts to throw tantrums and listens to rock music when you instructed jazz. In simple language, it’s infected by the virus which is causing you all the panic. Pre-Install Scan by McAfee helps your computer to retrieve its health meanwhile you’re installing the software on your system.

Cyber Security

  • Online Backup

Your precious memories, critical business planning and anything that matters more than cash to you are now secure on McAfee’s online backup as you get 2 GB space for managing your disk. Never lose what means life to you now.

  • Encrypted Files

Encrypted Files

On your computer itself, you can encrypt sensitive documents with confidence which will be protected by user-generated passwords in the vault space. You can confidently let anyone use your device without the worry of mishandling or theft.

  • Wireless Network Protection

When you share your network with other people or use an open network, the chances of getting hacked, spied or theft are given. That can be eliminated if you have a strong SSID name, WPA encryption and McAfee Home Network Defense feature.

The Cost To Pay…

Unlike other crazily costly antivirus and internet protection software, McAfee’s packages start at just $39.99 for a year subscription. For the protection you get, this price seems less than what it deserves. However, as the aim of the company is to keep you safe and not worried; its prices are kept to engage customers in secured practices. Also, you can buy the ultimate Total Security plan at just $59.99.

The Takeaway Note…

There’s no adventure in paying unsafe when you are on the internet. You need antivirus for your safe experience. Just like your health; precaution is better than cure. Call on McAfee customer service number to get a comprehensive solution of installation and utilization of all the benefits.

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