Find the Best Golf Clubs for Beginner Women


Beginners can pick up the game of golf easily especially when they have the correct equipment. Women who learn to golf find that learning the right way to hold the clubs and swing is as important as having the right clubs to use. The right set of golf clubs can make the difference between learning well and struggling.

Don’t pick up any club the next time you practice. Find a good set of them. Make sure that they are designed with beginner women in mind. If you have a whole set you are ready to learn anything with better ease and control. You also won’t have to stop and decide which putter is better than the one you used the day before. You will have everything you need at your fingertips in one easy-to-carry set.


It can be stressful setting out to find the right set. Get informed about what is available by talking with golf equipment pros. Ask your instructor for suggestions and do your research online. The more you get informed about what will make the best choice for you, the better equipped you are to buy the right set of clubs.

Before you choose which set to buy, consider your budget. You could easily spend top dollar on the best women’s golf clubs for beginners out there, but if you are not going to get into golf professionally you might want to hold off and buy something more affordable.

Know what your golfing goals are. From there you can get a better idea of what price range you should look at buying into. If you are serious about the sport, a good quality set could be the right option for you even if it is one of the more expensive available.


One of the leading names in golfing equipment is Wilson. Choose a set or an individual club from this manufacturer and you can’t go wrong. There is a beginner women’s set available and it includes everything you could need to get started in perfecting your game.

Every club in this beginner set is made of graphite shafts so that they are lighter to handle. They also feature comfortable grips so you can have the right non-slip grasp on your club no matter how hot or cool it gets outside. You get a large driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, 6-9 irons, a pitching wedge with a putter, and a hybrid. The 5 wood will also give you a chance to learn how to have the correct positioning on the fairway as it is loftier than the 3 wood.

This set gives a beginner the best assortment of all the basic clubs needed to learn a good game. One of the best features of this Wilson Profile set is that you can choose from different sizes. They come in petite, regular, and tall so you can choose the ones that offer you the greatest length for your height.

There are others on the market but the best comes from a company that knows how to make excellent clubs for beginner women. More at

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